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Tyrex on Github

Some implementations accompanying our publications are available from the Tyrex github page.

Tree Logic Implementation: A Satisfiability Solver For a Logic of Finite Trees

mu-calculus satisfiability solver

The tree reasoning solver is a software tool which implements research advances in tree logics, and in the analysis of query and programming languages for the web. The overall system is based on a new tree logic (see accompanying publications). The core of the system is a satisfiability solver for a μ-calculus with converse over finite trees. The system implements compilers for translating high level constructs such as queries (e.g. XPath) and grammars (e.g. DTDs) into the logic. The system also provides a predicate language for facilitating the formulation and resolution of problems with no or very limited logical knowledge (sample problems include query analysis, reasoning in the presence of schema constraints, reasoning with functions, analysing style sheets, etc.). The system comes with an online demonstration.

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Old Commercial Software

adesign graphic software for windows

A long time ago (in a galaxy far far away...), in my spare time (aka: my undergraduate studies) I have developed some software that I found convenient. I created WCK, one of the very first french web page editors in 1996. In 1999, I founded "pierresoft.com". In 2001, I completed the design and development of "Adesign": a graphic software for layered image authoring and retouching. The core of this software has been marketed worldwide by a few (french, german, and canadian) licensed software companies.