Pierre Genevès

Research Director, Computer Science



query plan MuIR is a prototype of a query optimizer and query evaluator. It implements a powerful algebra with rewrite rules, execution plans, cost estimation, and executors. This includes a distributed evaluator of algebraic terms using Apache Spark.

MedAnalytics notebooks


MedAnalytics is an implementation of a method for the automatic detection of at-risk profiles based on a fine-grained analysis of electronic health record data. The system relies on an optimized distributed architecture adapted for processing very large volumes of medical records and clinical data. The application allows to run predictive analytical tasks with real data of millions of patients and hundreds of hospitals. It made it possible to show how the detection of at-risk patients can be improved with highly scalable predictive models that benefit from volume and variety. As a result, predictive models make accurate risk predictions using only few data per patient.

Tree Logic Implementation: a satisfiability solver for a logic of finite trees

Software Principle

The Tree reasoning solver is an implementation of a satisfiability solver for a logic of finite trees. It is accompanied with static analyzers for reasoning with tree-shaped data, regular path queries over trees, and tree constraints. mu-calculus satisfiability solver The logic is a modal tree logic equipped with recursion and backward modalities. The solver uses symbolic techniques (Binary Decision Diagrams) and is efficient in practice. The core of the system is a satisfiability solver for a μ-calculus with converse over finite trees. The system implements compilers for translating regular path queries (e.g. XPath) and regular tree grammars (e.g. DTDs) into the logic. The system also provides a predicate language for facilitating the formulation and resolution of problems with no or very limited logical knowledge (sample problems include query analysis, reasoning in the presence of schema constraints, reasoning with functions, analysing style sheets, etc.). The system is available as an online demonstration and as a library.

Older commercial software

adesign graphic software for windows

In a rather early age, I have developed software that I found convenient for my personal use, and that finally happened to be marketed worldwide. I first created WCK, one of the very first french web page editors (in 1996). I founded "pierresoft.com" and later (in 2001), I completed the design and development of "Adesign": a graphic software for layered image authoring and photo retouching. This software has been marketed worldwide by a few (french, german, and canadian) licensed software companies. The software has been used by thousands of users worldwide.